Eureeka (eureeka) wrote,

A Dream

I have a lot of really weird, vivid dreams, and I've always loved that.

A few nights ago I had a documentary-like Behind the Music-style dream about Don Dacus' struggles during his short-lived stint as a member of the band Chicago.

I have never heard and songs by Chicago; I don't even know what they look like. The only reason I've heard of Don Dacus is because he starred as Woof Daschund in the 1979 film version of the musical Hair (which I happened to watch the day I had this dream). But my brain filled in all the details for me. I wish I could remember how the song Chicago played in my dream went. All I remember was that there was a nice guitar solo and it was performed on a circular, rotating stage. The only other part of the dream I remember is an altercation between Don and some presumably made-up member of Chicago which resulted in Don getting pushed and hitting his head on a jukebox. It was all very dramatic.

I hope everyone is getting a chance to relax over this Thanksgiving break.
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