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This update was spurred on by the totally ridiculous thing that happened to me today: My car was broken into. LAME. My dad very graciously gave me a Garmin GPS thingy for Christmas, and of course warned me about the high theftability of it, but damn. Now it is gone. I stored it in the glove compartment out of sight, but it didn't occur to me to remove the little windshield mount when I wasn't using it. I guess the fiend(s) saw the little cradle and figured I must have a GPS navigator somewhere in the car. To add salt to the wound, the villain also took the cradle from the windshield, the Garmin charger, and this cool little device I have that plugs into my cigarette lighter that lets me play my iPod through the radio. I was extremely naive to think it was okay to leave it in there, even out of sight.

The thing that really fries my cheese is that it happened at school, on a Saturday (I had a med school forum all day today, which is why I was at school). The perpetrator is obviously someone who specializes in the theft of GPS devices. They didn't take anything else from my messy car. They didn't break the glass; somehow they jimmied the lock. I'd really like to know what method they used, cause the police dude couldn't find any signs of forced entry and even wondered if I actually locked my doors (which I did. Ironically, my little electronic door locker/unlocker was dead, so the one day I actually manually lock my doors I get ganked). I guess I should be happy they didn't break the glass, but they didn't even bother to close the damn door. Lesson learned.

In other non totally lame news, most aspects of my life are the same as last time I updated my journal. Things that have changed: this semester is really big for me because I'm actually starting the med school application process now. I just shelled out 210 big ones to sign up for the MCAT, and I need to start working on personal statements and asking for letters of rec and all that stuff. It's overwhelming because it seems like everything has led up tot his and now it's all happening at once. I've got a pretty full course load too, but the classes are surprisingly easy and there is a lot of overlap, so that's not really stressing me. I'm taking Literature of the Bible this semester, cause I want to keep up my writing skills and I want to actually read the Bible, but I figure after many failed attempts it wasn't gonna happen unless it was for a grade (Sorry God). It's actually way more interesting than I could have hoped for, and there are some badass parts. In Second Kings the prophet Elisha was walking and a mob of kids were teasing him about being a prophet of God (and about being bald), so he called down a curse on them and the kids (42 of them to be exact) got devoured by bears. It's really interesting to see how the concepts change as the historically documented situation in ancient Israel changes.

I also decided that all study and no exercise makes Briana a constantly gaining weight college student, so I joined one of UCF's many sports clubs - fencing! It's pretty awesome. Practices kick my ass because I haven't run in approximately 5 years, but it's fun. I like the strategy involved. We have to wear all this protective gear so we don't impale each other, even with tips in the swords. Us ladies have to wear this ridiculous one-size-fits-all breast plate with these comically far apart boob spaces so we can protect our dirty pillows.

My responsibilities in my research lab have really picked up, so I spend a lot of time there running experiments.

After this semester, my life will be unbelievably easier. So I'm just trying to do what I gotta do and be done with it and have it off my mind.
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