Eureeka (eureeka) wrote,

I had a dream that I was transported 200 years into the future (but an alternate universe). Obama was still the president. He was assassinated later in the dream though, by aliens. The Islamic faith was no longer practiced/extinct (coincidence? lol. "Oh yeah," I told curious futurites. "They didn't eat pork.") I was taken in by a co-op of future citizens who lived in a treehouse. As we sat around the table and ate, a young boy talked about his baseball game that day. Baseball was pretty much the same, except all the players were required to have their own purple bat, and the bats were legally not for sale. You had to steal one to get one. At one point after the alien invasion, Dan Akryoid showed up, and was an experienced fighter.

I have missed dreams like this. For a while I had nothing but nightmares, which I am sure were connected to my anxiousness over the whole med school application cycle. So all in all, I am pretty good right now. Moving to DC in a month.
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